I am the DerangedLizard
Anonymous: im 14 and i dye my hair alot so its kinda damaged and i used to have like almost down to my butt hair but i cut it all off to my shoulders and i have a half shaved head and i just wanna shave my whole head but im scared

face your fears! do something outside your comfort zone! 

Trying to correct my hair color would have cost me so much money and stress, so off it went! 
Anonymous: I shaved my head for the first time today (I've had short hair for some time, including shaved sides and stuff but never fully shaved) and HALLELUJAH it feels good! I am a bit reluctant to see how it grows out though O_O


Anonymous: I'd really love my girl to shave her head with me but she seems to value her hair too much! is there anything you ladies would recommend that would help convince her?

let her do what she wants!

Anonymous: I want to shave my head but my skull isn't totally round!!

you’re still perfect!

Well I love it, my husband loves it and my children couldn’t care less! Don’t hide behind your hair.
Be Bold. Go Bald. 
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