I feel beautiful, but not yet pretty. I eagerly await the the day when society’s definition of “pretty” has fully eroded and I can feel confident in every aspect of my being, no matter what my hair looks like.

Sydney - http://goodmorningtides.tumblr.com/
Freshly shaved and feeling good :D
I will shave my head for the rest of my life. I feel beautiful and empowered. x
r0tinpieces: I'm sorry I'm probably clogging up your inbox but I just saw your response to the last question and I fully understand! That's exactly why I tried to jump on it because it's a blog I really do enjoy. It made me go for it and shave my head and it has still been one of the most liberating things I've done to this day. I think it's wonderful that there are so many people finding confidence from it and submitting what they find beautiful.

me too, me too! I’m so glad that I could have such an impact on people just by creating a blog.

r0tinpieces: okay so that was a lot easier than I thought. Click on the drop box on the side on your dash, where you choose which blog you're looking at. Click on this one, and when it opens up there's a section under your follower count that says Members. You'd have to submit the blogs email address, and once they accept it they can post on it too. If you want to completely let them manage it you can promote them to admin.


r0tinpieces: I believe there's a way to allow a guest on your blogs. so they can run it as well. I used to do it with a close friend of mine. And they can't have access to anything to do with your personal blog, just that specific one. I'm not sure how to do it anymore now that everything's updated but, if I figure it out would that be a possibility?

I think I know what you’re talking about! If either of us can figure it out, I would definitely be open to the option. I really do love this blog and the idea of it, I just have no time to admin it. I would just hope that you would/could keep the blog’s integrity, like keep running it the way I was running it so it doesn’t change. That’s my biggest fear of giving this blog away, that someone will take over and change it into something completely different and not what I ever intended it to be.

r0tinpieces: would you ever consider allowing someone else to take over the blog?

yes, definitely! I just don’t know how to go about that because this blog is apart of my personal blog.