I am the DerangedLizard
Trying to correct my hair color would have cost me so much money and stress, so off it went! 
Well I love it, my husband loves it and my children couldn’t care less! Don’t hide behind your hair.
Be Bold. Go Bald. 
Http://lovebloodrhetoric.tumblr.com :)
I missed seeing my scalp after 5 1/2 months.
Yesterday I shaved my head to raise money for Leukemia research and symbolically to rid myself of my past. I feel so liberated. 
Feeling impulsive so I shaved my head again. I love the way it feels. I shaved it out of necessity when I was on some antipsychotics that caused my hair to fall out in patches and I’ve dyed it so much since then that it’s caused it to start falling out again so I just bit the bullet and went for it. I’m so happy because it makes my eyes pop! darkbarbiedoll.tumblr.com